Hybrid Drone -GLOW.H-


  • Open source flight controller “PIXHAWK series”
  • Realize out-of-sight and wide-area flight “LTE Communications”
  • Realize out-of-sight and wide-area flight “Satellite Telemetry”
  • AI processing of image data and various sensors “Equipped with NVIDIA JETSON”
  • One-touch installation (cameras, sensors, power supply, etc.)”Payload Attachment”
  • Display various device information “Excellent interface”

Japan-made hybrid drone equipped with an extender that generates power with the engine and charges the battery

GLOW.H is a hybrid drone equipped with an extender that is being developed to extend the driving range of electric vehicles. It can fly for extended periods of time by constantly recharging its internal battery. Without payload, it can fly for more than 6 hours. When equipped with TDOT 3 GREEN, GLOW.H can fly for 2.5 hours, which is equivalent to a manned helicopter. This means that a large area can be surveyed at once without worrying about running out of battery power. In addition, the drone only needs to be refueled with gasoline mixture in order to fly, eliminating the need to recharge and replace batteries, which has hindered surveying efficiency in the past, and greatly improving the labor efficiency of field work. For the extender, a Japanese-made compact extender that combines durability and quietness, developed by O.S. PROFESSIONAL (Ogawa Seiki Co., Ltd.), is used. All services, from the supply of consumables to maintenance, can be provided in Japan.

Flight Time : 4hours+(Non-installed) / 2hours+(Equipped with TDOT 3 GREEN)

Excellent portability and greatly improved mobility Foldable for easy portability

Simply fold, store, and carry it, unfold and lock the foldable arm on site, and the preparation work is complete. No tools are required for its construction, and it is ready for flight immediately upon arrival on site. Fuel is a mixture of gasoline. GLOW.H is a next-generation drone that enables wide-area surveying while thoroughly pursuing improved work efficiency.

GLOW.H size

Customized with an open system that responds to the user’s requests.

Using open source PIXHAWK series flight controllers

The most standard open source PIXHAWK series flight controllers are used.
PIXHAWK series flight controllers have high-performance posture control capability to realize stable flight. Necessary functions such as autopilot function, payload management, and battery management are covered. Since it is an open-source system, the source code is publicly available, making it easy to implement your own customizations and guaranteeing reliable user support and maintenance over the long term.
* A neural network is a combination of mathematical models that mimic the network structure of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain.

Equipped with NVIDIA’s JETSON

It is equipped with NVIDIA JETSON, which enables the construction of a neutral network that is the foundation of an AI system. The system can be uniquely customized to incorporate AI processing using image sensors and various other sensors.

Adoption of GREMSY payload attachment

GREMSY attachments are adopted.
Various devices can be connected to it, and it works with the flight controller while simultaneously supplying power and transmitting images. It is possible to connect not only TDOT 3 GREEN, but also cameras and various sensors, and all kinds of other devices. Original devices can also be freely mounted.


Equipped with LTE communication / Satellite telemetry (optional) Realization of out-of-sight flight and wide-area surveying by remote control

GLOW.H is equipped with LTE (Long Term Evolution), a next-generation high-speed mobile communication standard widely used in cellular phones. This LTE connection enables the operator to monitor the status of the aircraft and control it remotely.
H, which can fly for longer periods of time, can be optionally equipped with satellite telemetry in case the LTE line is interrupted. This allows for continued out-of-sight and wide-area surveys regardless of radio signal conditions.

Equipped with LiDAR and landing position target recognition sensor Supporting for safe landing

Landing operations are the scene where the accident rate is highest due to human error. GLOW.H is equipped with a LiDAR sensor and a landing position target recognition sensor to precisely determine the distance to the ground and landing position, and control the drone to support safe landing.

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