Drone Laser System -TDOT 7 NIR-S-


Integrates TDOT system and RIEGL laser unit
Created as a high-performance laser scanning system

Integrates our proud laser scanning system “TDOT” with RIEGL’s “VUX120” which has amazing performance of up 2,400,000 pulses per second and 400 lines.
Seamless process from flight to data output is realized by utilizing the high-performance GNSS/INS navigation system, which is a feature of the TDOT series.
The long-awaited high-end laser scanner system “TDOT 7 NIR-S” was created.
*Specifications as of April 2023. For the latest information on specifications, please refer to the RIEGL’s official website.


Achieving higher surveying performance
Highly accurate positioning of the position, attitude, and direction of the drone
Built-in high-performance GNSS/INS combined navigation system with improved data output rate

Laser surveying requires calculating how long it takes the laser beam to return from the object tens of thousands of times per second.
In this process, the position to be irradiated with the laser beam is surveyed by GNSS, but it can only be surveyed several tens of times per second, resulting in a large error in the position of the target.
In addition, it causes a positional deviation equivalent to the measurement error of the laser beam irradiation angle multiplied by the distance to the object.
Therefore, the farther the target is, the less accurate the coordinates of the target can be determined, even if the error in the irradiation angle of the laser beam is small.
Then, the accelerometer captures the movement of the drone, and the gyro sensor detects the constantly changing attitude of the drone.
The combination of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and GNSS is called GNSS/INS combined navigation (inertial navigation) system, and by utilizing the advantages of each other, a highly accurate surveying system is completed. The INS of the TODT series has the specification to realize highly accurate surveying of several tens of millimeters while irradiating tens of thousands of laser beams per second.

TDOT7NIR-S images


Ultra-fast laser module with 2.4 million points

The VUX120 has a scanning speed of 400 lines per second.
In addition to being able to scan at a faster navigation speed than before, the beam is continuously directed in three directions: nadir, forward +10°, and backward -10°.
This enables the acquisition of survey data that captures the entire structure, even for objects that are difficult to survey with conventional laser surveying, such as vertical surfaces of buildings and structures, or narrow valley terrain formed by steep cliffs.



Laser viewing angle for highly accurate elevation values

The requirement for drone laser surveying is accuracy of elevation.
The surveying accuracy of elevation values is the accuracy of GNSS plus the laser ranging accuracy, but the farther the scan angle is from the vertical direction, the greater the surveying accuracy of the attitude at the time of laser irradiation affects the accuracy of elevation values.
With a FOV (field of view) of 100°, the VUX120 is a lean laser scanner that can provide elevation values that are less affected by the attitude accuracy of this drone.



Renovated TDOT 7 dedicated application

Access TDOT 7 by communicating with a device that can use a browser, such as a tablet, via Wi-Fi.
Detailed settings such as ON/OFF switching of laser settings, real-time cross section, visible camera, thermography, etc.
TDOT application has been renovated, such as viewing status information as before.



Equipped with visible light camera and thermography camera (Optional)

Units equipped with a visible light camera and a thermography camera is available as an option.
Visible light camera can generate orthoimages and add color information to the acquired point cloud data.
A thermography camera is used to detect temperature information that cannot be determined by a 3D point cloud.
It performs a visualization effect that visualizes relationships, characteristics, and trends that have not been seen before.

TDOT7NIR-S Camera unit (optional)


An integrated platform that realizes the concept of easy surveying for everyone

Laser scanner systems are composed of many precise devices, and it is not easy to set each one to the optimum state.
In addition, in the absence of specialized knowledge, it takes effort to learn work procedures through numerous trials and errors to reach the output of highly accurate results.
It is no exaggeration to say that the complicated usage required for these operators is a barrier to the spread of drone laser surveying.
The TDOT series provides a platform for anyone to maximize its performance.
For example, it has a function to perform pre- and post- surveying alignment flights at the same time as flight route input, and a function to download the corresponding electronic reference point data with a simple drag-and-drop operation, which is immediately combined with GNSS/INS data to automatically perform optimum trajectory analysis.
By using our platform, which incorporates such surveying service know-how, anyone can easily perform laser surveying with accurate 3D coordinates.

TDOT Workflow

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