TDOT is a laser scanner system specialized for surveying operations.
It can be mounted to a drone with a single touch for quick measurement and quick removal.
It makes the operations as simple as possible.
In the processing phase, it is automated so as to eliminate the need for expertise as much as possible.

High precision data is output in a short time.


Preparation for flight

By mounting TDOT to the drone with a single touch, you can start the flight immediately.

Alignment flight

Send a pre-prepared flight plan and conduct an INS alignment flight.
It will complete automatically in minutes.

Measurement flight

Send a pre-prepared flight plan.
If the survey range is wide, repeat the battery replacement and perform multiple flights.


After the surveying is completed, the data is pre-analyzed and checked on the spot.
Field work is completed in these series of processes.



Optimal Trajectory Analysis with cloud services

Simply uploading the acquired data to the cloud service automatically begins the optimal trajectory analysis.
After the process is complete, you can just download the analysis data.
No expertise is required.

Output of point cloud data by Kinematic analysis

High-precision point cloud data is output from the data output from the optimal trajectory analysis and the measurement data.
Output in a variety of formats is possible.