It can be mounted on drones with a payload of 3 kg or more

TDOT can be directly mounted on “GLOW” series of purely Japanese-made drones developed by our company and DJI MATRICE 300 RTK.
Compact and lightweight TDOT can be operated with various drones.

”GLOW” series, a purely Japanese-made drones developed to carry the TDOT3 series

Hybrid drone equipped with the range extender.
Flight time more than 6 hours for drone alone, and more than 2 hours with TDOT 3 GREEN mounted, which is impossible by pure battery-powered drone, has been achieved.

Hybrid drone 4 Rotor

In flight form Distance between rotors 900 x 900 mm
In storage form 650 x 650 x height 250mm
Flight duration* Non-installed: more than 6 hours
TDOT3GREEN installed: 2 hours

Lipo battery-powered drone with reduced waste and improved energy efficiency. It maximizes battery-powered flight time.

Lipo Drone (excluding Antenna/Battery) 6 Rotor

In flight form Rotor shaft diameter Φ1450 mm
In storage form 300 x 350 x height 850mm
Flight duration* When TDOT3GREEN is mounted: 33 mins
When carrying 5kg of load: 29.5 mins
(both batteries 30% remaining)

* This is the calculated flight duration at the time of design.
* It depends on the control of the flight controller.This is for promotional purposes only, and specifications, designs, colors, etc. are subject to change without notice.

Industrial drones made by DJI
It can be mounted on MATRICE 300 RTK and MATRICE 600 PRO.
Dedicated mounting attachments must be fitted for mounting on MATRICE 600 PRO (No modifications to the body are required for both).