TDOT-supported applications specifically designed for drone laser surveying operations We provide solution services produced from the pursuit of user experience.

The process of drone surveying and outputting highly accurate data requires a great deal of expertise and experience, including “optimal trajectory analysis,” which adjusts for errors by repeatedly calculating trajectories using data from data INS (GNSS /IMU) devices, and the calculation of 3D coordinates for laser point clouds by integrating the survey data with the results obtained from the optimal trajectory analysis. This process requires specialized knowledge and a great deal of experience.

TDOT, aiming for “drone surveying that anyone can use,” provides a variety of application software that relieves users of the labor involved. For example, a high-speed viewer that checks survey data on site, a cloud service that automatically completes optimum trajectory analysis simply by uploading the necessary data, and software that downloads optimum trajectory analysis data and outputs highly accurate point cloud data, all of which can be completed seamlessly and with minimal effort.

Analysis Process Flow

Viewer software specialized for immediate data checks on site

The software allows you to check in the field, within minutes after the flight, whether the saved data is correct, whether the required area has been surveyed, and to what extent trees and underwater surfaces have been surveyed.

By doing so, the surveying can be carried out as planned without rework, preventing problems.


Cloud service that automatically completes optimal trajectory analysis by simply uploading

Until now, optimal trajectory analysis required expensive applications and specialized knowledge. With TDOT’s cloud service, all you need to do is upload INS data and fixed station data (observation information from a GNSS receiver installed at a known reference point). The optimal trajectory analysis is automatically completed by simply uploading the INS data and fixed station data.

POST-PROCESSING CLOUD is a pay-as-you-go service.


Software for outputting 3D point cloud data with high-precision coordinate values

By integrating and processing the laser surveyed data and the data from the optimum trajectory analysis, a laser point cloud with high-precision 3D coordinate values can be obtained. This process, which is critical to the quality of the point cloud data, is performed automatically to create and output the final high-precision data. The drone can also be calibrated manually to fine-tune the drone’s posture during laser irradiation.


TDOT Application Function List

Quick Data Check   
Offline Preview   
GNSS-INS Post Processing    
Multiple display of point cloud screen   
point cloud display3D  
cross-sectional view  
Point cloud display after Post Processing   
Divide by time   
Overlay multiple scan data    
Misalignment correction   
Automatic misalignment correction    
Output data format.kml、.las.pp.txt、.las、.dbr、.lla.kml、.las、.elas、.mbpf、.mrcr.las、.mbpf
Water refraction correction    

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