Amuse Oneself was founded in November 2011
We create prototypes of ideas that we think are “fun,” “wow,” or “useful.” We listen to client needs and ideas to create innovative products.
Our staff is multi-talented and capable of designing both software and fabricating hardware.
We collaborate with and have alliance partners who are aligned with our philosophies.
We enjoy creating fun things.
We’d like to hear your ideas on what you think is fun!


Company name Amuse Oneself Inc.
Address 1-1-14 3F Kitahama 1 Chome Heiwa Bldg.
Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-City 541-0041,Japan
President Hikaru Sano
Founded November 2011
Business Drone-mounted, near-infrared LiDAR system TDOT PLUS
Drone-mounted, green LiDAR system TDOT GREEN
Original/Customized drone
Dual frequency GNSS synchronized photo system GCS
Photo shooting/survey service from drone
3D data processing services (Model data, huge point crowd data)
Very high-resolution 360-degree panorama photography service
Contract development (software/hardware/embedded software)